Lego Hogwarts Castle – a 3 month build

In 2018, LEGO released their Hogwarts Castle at the time it was the third largest set. I have always loved Legos but never owned a normal set of my own. I had “girl” LEGOS with purple and pink flowers, but never the real deal.

This year, Josh bought me my DREAM as an early Christmas present (and then he ended up getting me 2 other presents…). I received the set in October for Alex and Deandra’s visit. The goal was for us to have something fun to do together while we hung out at home.

Here are some pictures of the different stages.

  1. Alex & Deandra got things unboxed and sorted.

The beginning: sorting the four books of instructions and 40+ bags of parts.

2. Various stages of the build- much was started by Alex & Deandra

3. The final product: forgive my terrible lighting

We started this in October 2022 but I wasn’t able to finish it until January 17th, 2023 because of 1. needy baby girl and 2. a complication with a step in bag # 34 while assembling some stained glass windows.

I feel like we climbed Mt. Everest. My nerd heart is happy.

Disclaimer: the author of Harry Potter is a TERF. Building this does not mean I agree with her sentiments about trans folk. Trans-men are men. Trans-women are women.


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