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Franny the Queen Bee

not how I thought today would start… Franny (St Frances, aka Queen Fran aka Franny Bannany) is not ok. A trip to the vet has concluded that her quality of life isn’t great and it’s time for good byes. we’re loving on her today and grieving while we make plans. this sweet girl came into … Continue reading Franny the Queen Bee

Shopping fun today

Today has been a full day and it’s only 3pm (at the time of writing the list)1. Pets to groomers at 8:15 am2. Breakfast at Frittatas3. Aldi for camping stuff4. Walmart for a gift and fall stuff5. Pet smart & online orders for target6. Goodwill – new dog blankets and flannel shirts! 7. Pf Hendricks- … Continue reading Shopping fun today

Tv survey thing

I saw this little TV survey while wandering the interwebs. I thought I would check it out and reflect on it. How LOW can you go? Lower than me??? My score is : ___ out of 100🤦🏼‍♀️ You never realize how much/little TV you watch until you fill out a list. Put a 💜 by … Continue reading Tv survey thing

Silly food survey

“CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?” • STARBUCKS- venti iced caramel latte decalf w/ almond milk • SUBWAY – 6″ italian herb & cheese, chicken, bacon, pepper jack cheese, ranch, spinach, green pepper, black olive, & tomato (but only if they look good) • McDonald’s – either a 2 cheese burger ketchup only w/ diet coke … Continue reading Silly food survey

Silly cooking survey

Who can really cook? No boxed Mac N Cheese or Stouffer’s lasagna. I know there are several of you that can really cook.I look forward to seeing your surveys.Who can cook real food, not stuff prepackaged or in a box? HAVE YOU EVER?1. Made biscuits from scratch? 🤔🤔I do t think so2. Fried fresh okra? … Continue reading Silly cooking survey

Reading and kitty snuggles

I could be working on laundry or putting away luggage from the SD trip but instead I’m laying on bed, snuggling 4 of my 5 cats and reading the Dec 2020 Sojourners magazine.

One Year Anniversary

I’m grateful for today because it marks the day I married the most amazing person in the world. Joshua King is the best partner a girl could ask for. He’s kind and loving. He’s tough and strong. He’s smart and creative. He’s a dreamer. He’s funny and vulnerable. He’s the balance to my crazy and … Continue reading One Year Anniversary

2020 Clergy Bingo

2020 has been a unique year. Here’s a fun bingo thing for identifying difficult things that happened or new experiences or learning opportunities from 2020. Mine filled in I definitely had the opportunity to do more of these but half way through the year I chose to step back from ALL the zoom opportunities. Did … Continue reading 2020 Clergy Bingo

Covid Christmas

Day 1 (Thursday- Christmas Eve): Josh and I drove to see my parents for Christmas, knowing that we would need to make extra precautions with COVID to stay safe. Good news, we brainstormed the dream of a ramen shop. We got very practical and the weather was quite cooperative. We surprised my best friend Alex. … Continue reading Covid Christmas