Camping & Planning Retreat

Lake Salamonie, In. We are camping Oct 5-10th. I will update this post as the days progress.

Day 1: (Tues) Set up camp and ran to Walmart for a few forgotten things. Ate at ‘Ninja Sushi’ because we were hangry. Josh got me ‘campsite pumpkins’ because #fall .

Meriah’s goals for this week:

  • Plan sermon series thru Easter
  • Plan music & specials thru Easter
  • Plan Sunday school
  • Plan kids min ideas for specials
  • Read for enjoyment and for my spirit
  • Rest
  • Pray

Josh’s goals for this week:

  • Fish
  • Read
  • Cook from the dutch oven
  • Nature trails and identifying plants

Day 2: (wed) woke up around 8am. Did some organizing in our camper. Sat by the fire. Went into town (Huntington) for some supplies (yes including 1 more pumpkin), started details for Fall Harvest OCT 31 and ate at a tasty Mexican restaurant! Now I’m sitting at the fire planning an Advent sermon series.

Josh is currently hiking while I work.

day ended with me convincing Josh to watch my favorite Bollywood film

Day 3: (Thurs) I cooked us breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon). Ran to Walmart (wabash) for supplies for Josh to go hiking Saturday. I read a lot of scripture!

Josh made us burgers for supper.

Day 4: (fri) Josh got up early and sat by the fire while I slept in. He went for a walk and I cooked breakfast (waffles & bacon). After breakfast, we talked about life goals and where want to go. Our conversation led to exciting projects and cool ideas to look forward to in the future. Josh and I then picked out music for sunday’s through Christmas.

We went for a walk on a 1 mile trail before running to Fort Wayne best buy to look at laptops. (no success) we did find a biaggis (italian restaurant with great gluten free food).

i cracked down on work: finished planning sermons and basic details through February (transfiguration Sunday).

goal update

Meriah’s goals for this week:

Plan sermon series thru Easter (currently through epiphany)
Plan music & specials thru Easter( currently through Christmas)
Plan Sunday school
Plan kids min ideas for specials
Read for enjoyment and for my spirit (some)
Rest (lots of sleeping in)
Pray (lots)

Josh’s goals:

Fish ☑️
Cook from the dutch oven☑️
Nature trails ☑️and identifying plan⏰

Day 5: (sat)

Josh is gonna hike a 14.1 mile trail. HE DID IT!!!

While he hiked 1/2 a marathon, I showered, did dishes, cleaned up our camper, cooked bacon for our sandwiches, read all RCL lent passages, refilled our water jug. I also did some panicking when his phone died on mile 10/14.

when he got back i made him an Ultimate Mac N Cheese sandwich and then we bought his trail patch. We drove into Wabash for slushies and ice cream. On our way back to camp we drove by the Salamonie Dam.

last campfire and a little bit of campsite tear down before we worked on a song rotation through epiphany.

Since Tuesday i have read all 4 RCL passages from Oct 31st- April 10th. I’ve made graphics for fb and ppt slides. josh and i have picked out songs from now through epiphany. i got time to pray, read, walk, fish, cook, and rest.

Day 6: (sun) Come home

July 2020 Duluth Camping trip

This will be a short bullet point list of what we did on our trip with photos. I’ll keep updating the post throughout our trip so that everything is in one place.

Day 1: left church and drove to Black Forest State Park in Wisconsin. Couldn’t get our electricity to work so we slept in our camper with no power. 😂

Day 2:

Finished driving to Duluth. Found a man to help us with our electric problems. Met up with my parents and older brother.

Got some parts for our camper. Went and ate with family at Do North Pizzeria. Got settled into our campground Fond Du Lac.

We’re right on a canal. It’s gorgeous. My brother caught a GIANT Northern in two casts but we forgot a net. Tried to get it onto land but the 10lb line snapped. He got a way. 😒🐟🎣

We sat around the camp fire just chatting while Dad tried to catch the legendary fish.

My little brother came by after he got off work and we sat and chatted after Mom, Dad and Brother Josh left for the night.

Slept in our camper WITH air conditioning. 👏🏻

Day 3: First day to explore Duluth. Goals: Pier, Maritime Museum, tasty food… And we’ll see what else?

The weather wasn’t what we were planning or a expecting. So our plans changed some.

Uncle Louis Cafe: they make their own maple syrup! 🤤😋😘 Mom and I split a breakfast platter and Josh got these beautiful banana pancakes.

Great Lakes Aquarium: fish, waterfowl, and wildlife from the Great Lakes. Thoroughly enjoyed learning more about these big bodies of water that help our country flourish in ways we don’t even realize. Also, otters are cute.

Russ Kendall Smokehouse & Cheese & Northshore drive: while we were at breakfast a gentleman suggested this place. Wow! The restaurant wasn’t open but we bought some smoked fish and cheese and jelly from the store.

Beach by the French River (Ryan rd & scenic Northshore)

Grilling at the campground with family.

Day 4:

breakfast with family at the campsite. naps, reading, and fishing

Supply run to local Walmart

Supper & fire at my brother’s house

Day 5: rendezvous with Mom & Dad to get treats at a bakery (little bro works there)

Toured Glensheen

Lunch at Little Angie’s

Boating with family

Day 5: local sight seeing… Also… We bought a giant rooster and a knight. And then we got locked out of our camper and had to call a locksmith.

Boating & fishing

Day 6: drive home

It’s Sunday and we’ve unpacked. Freyja doesn’t like the giant rooster.

State Parks: Prophetstown & Battle Ground, IN

June 18th, 2020

Prophetstown is a great example of Northern Indiana. This park is mostly Prairie with sporatic trees. There is an aquatic center, nature center, operating homestead and during special events they have living history type reenactments.

The campground is small but nice. The playgrounds are beautiful! This definitely is a great experience for families wanting some fun & history.