Christmas Letter 2022

January– We celebrated our second anniversary, still no honeymoon.😭 BUT we’ve got a baby on the way! In January, we were both still eating 100% gluten-free ‌and had fun exploring recipes and restaurants that fit our needs. (Meriah is still gluten-free but Josh has reincorporated it into his diet).

February– Meriah was in hard core nesting mode and we did a bunch of projects on 926 Live Oak: under the stairs closet, painting, rearranging furniture, assembling the nursery, and more. The best Valentine’s day gift occurred by accident. We found an old tape of little Josh singing to his grandmother. 

March – We had two wonderful baby showers in one weekend. Meriah’s parents came to visit for the last time before the baby would arrive. We bought 15 new baby chicks (and learned culling is harder than we thought). Meriah and Josh attended The Midnight in concert in Indy. We had a pregnancy scare and ended up in the ER but everything turned out ok. Meriah was told to slow down but that things were ok with the baby. In the same week, we ended up in the ER again because Josh sliced his hand working on a knife build and got his first ever stitches. 

April – Josh turned 39! Cousin Lynleigh was born- our family had 4 babies due in 2022. Meriah passed her glucose tolerance test for pregnancy. Holy Week and Easter brought on new challenges for a very pregnant pastor. We went hiking when the weather was good… though Meriah had to take things slow. 

May -We had a blast planting flowers, fruit, and vegetables in our garden at 926 Live Oak. Meriah had a second pregnancy scare. This led to some tests in Indy with specialists, but once again things turned out ok. Needless to say, we were relieved and cried quite a bit that day. Grandma & Grandpa Tigner were planning to move to Indiana but struggling to find a home in the cut throat housing market. Then Josh and Meriah did something crazy: we put an offer in on a house and put our house up for sale. This house has an apartment attached- perfect for grandparents! We had to say goodbye to two of our pets prior to moving: Franny & Dexter crossed the rainbow bridge the same day. Dexter’s bladder cancer continued to provide complications and pain while Franny’s arthritis was making it difficult for her to move around and use the litter box. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t miss them.

It won’t surprise you that suddenly we had little time for hobbies because we were moving and preparing for a baby. 

June– On top of the craziness of having a baby and buying a house, Josh also changed jobs. Josh returned to Cisco just before our due date. Stevie Louise Tigner King was born on June 6th, even though her due date was June 20th! Yep, Meriah went into labor on Pentecost Sunday, BEFORE church! The c-section went smoothly and went home after a few days. The birth put all the fears from our pregnancy scares to an ease. Stevie was perfect. We closed on our new house, but the move-in date was not set until the end of July. 

July – Grandma & Grandpa Tigner moved to Indiana – we shared our home 926 Live Oak for about a month! Grandma Vicki worked remotely for her South Dakota job using the nursery as her office. Two city kids bought a “tractor,” country folk would call it a riding lawn mower, but that’s no fun. We had to say goodbye to another of our pets – Maggie got sick and did not recover. This was quite unexpected and heartbreaking. At the end of July, we moved into our acreage at 4100 Anna Lane with Grandma & Grandpa Tigner and dubbed it Starshire Farm. We were blessed with so many amazing friends & family to help us move. Our acreage is on the outskirts of Kokomo, still close to Josh’s family.

August – Meriah returned to work after maternity leave and started the journey of learning work/mommy life balance. (Stevie has some strong opinions about that!) Meriah was approached about writing for Judson Press’ periodical curriculum again (look for that in the Summer 2023 edition). She was also asked to lead two workshops at a conference in Puerto Rico in June 2023 for her denomination.

September– Grandma Vicki, Stevie, and Meriah walked a 5k with our friend Kelsey for Gilead House, a women’s drug rehab facility in Kokomo. Yes, crazy Meriah did a 5k 3 months postpartum. Cousin Abraham was born! Uncle Josh, Uncle Micah, & Aunt Lizy came to visit Stevie over Grandma Vicki’s birthday. Great Uncle Jimmy & Great Aunt Cheri came too!

October– Meriah turned 35! Stevie’s first road trip– We went to an American Baptist convention in Terre Haute, In. Our friends Alex & Deandra came to visit. Stevie’s first Halloween– we were a family of skeletons. We had a ton of fun decorating the house with inflatables and pumpkins. 

November – For Stevie’s first Thanksgiving, we traveled to Wisconsin to an AirBnB to meet Uncle Josh, Uncle Micah, & Aunt Lizy. We had a blast! Stevie was a champ about the seven hours in the car…ignoring the blowout diaper as we were driving through Chicago during rush hour. Cousin Tobias was born!

December – Stevie got her library card and rented her first library books. Meriah celebrated 5 years at Liberty Baptist and 5 years of ordination. Grandpa Lee helped cook a meal at church for Jubilee Christmas! Stevie’s first Christmas

You may not have asked for a month by month detail of our year. 🤣 However, as we reflected on each month, we realized how lucky we truly are. Another beautiful year for the Tigner Kings! The joy just keeps on growing!

Merry Christmas and Happy New year from the Tigner King family. 

We’re having a baby… and buying a house!

If you saw in our baby post that we’re buying a house and you wanted the full story… well, you’re in for a treat.

At the beginning of our pregnancy, really even before we got pregnant, Josh and I were dreaming of an acreage. There was one house that we were both curious about, but we didn’t investigate. We had talked with a realtor, but nothing fit our needs and our budget. So we put the house hunt on the back burner telling ourselves, “it would be crazy to move while pregnant.”

Flash forward to the week of May 8th- I had received an email that one house we were looking at months prior was still on the market. Blown away, since the housing market is currently crazy, I sent the information to Josh. Once again we said to each other, “it would be crazy to move while pregnant.”

Sunday, May 15th we were driving home from church and out of nowhere Josh says “what was the address for that house again? We could drive by it and just check it out.” I pulled up the email and got directions and had to shout “SLOW DOWN! WE HAVE TO TURN IN .1 MILES!”

We were exactly in the house’s neighborhood when Josh had the inspiration to look for that house.

We pull into the neighborhood and then turn on to the house’s lane. As we approached the house, we notice on the for sale sign it says “Open House Today 12” but it was only 11:30. So we crept by the property, looking at the beautiful yard, when the owner walks out with his dog.

He flagged us down and invited us to walk through the home– the realtor had not arrived yet since the open house hadn’t started yet.

This couple was so sweet! We quickly learned that the wife had gotten COVID right after they listed their house months ago and couldn’t show for obvious reasons. They were very close to taking it off the market and waiting for another day. We toured the property and drooled over the land and the unique layout of the home.

about the home

We quickly learned that the 5 beds and 4 baths was split between two separate living quarters: the main house and the “in-law” apartment. The in-law apartment is all on one floor. It has a kitchen, 2 baths, 2 beds, a gas fireplace, a sunroom, balcony, and laundry.

The connection point of the two living spaces is a mudroom that gives both access to the two stall garage. The main house is a ranch with a walk out backyard from the basement. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 balcony, and a patio. Below the apartment is a cellar perfect for canning and storing produce. (I don’t have photos of inside the main house empty and feel inappropriate posting pictures that include their belongings.)

The street level has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a large living space.

The basement/walk out has the kitchen, dining, 1 bath, laundry, and a large living space. I LOVE this layout! The kitchen and dining AND back patio are perfect for entertaining guests in a private space. The living space also has a wood-burning stove!

what happened next?

Josh and I left the house to get some lunch. I was in love but was uncertain what he thought. We quickly realized we both wanted this house. Monday, we contacted our mortgage company to renew our pre-approval amount that had just expired. Tuesday, we contacted our lawyer about legal stuff connected to selling our home. And by Wednesday we made an offer on the home. After some negotiating we agreed on a purchase agreement.

Next step was for them to find a place to live. It took about a week and they found a home and negotiated their own purchase agreement.

THEN it was time for us to sell our house. We packed up a bunch of stuff to declutter our space. Patched some holes and had a paint debacle (long silly story). Our cleaner got sick and could not come the DAY BEFORE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LIST! Our friend Katrina came over and helped us clean our house. She was there for 6+ hours; she is the QUEEN of all time! We listed our home Wednesday & accepted an offer on our home Saturday. (5 pets were boarded and two senior pets had to be put down in the same week.)

While this was happening, my parents sold their home for well above asking price but couldn’t find a home here. All the options were either snatched up too fast or didn’t fit their specifications. After discussion and planning, Josh and I invited them to live in the “in-law” apartment as our renters.

moving plans

We close on both homes (selling ours and buying the new one) on June 30th. We still have to make sure all our legal stuff with our lawyer lines up so that this can move forward. Barring any tragedy, this should work!

My parents’ close on their home July 1st and move to Kokomo July 2nd. They’ll live in our camper for the time being. We haven’t talked about if they want to park it in our yard or park it at a campground. Mom will need internet and that’s the key.

Our closing agreement says 25 days to take possession of our new home and 30 days to move out of our current home. When you add that up, it means we move into our new home end of July.

  • YES, we’ll have a 1.5-month-old by that time.
  • Yes, we’re hiring movers.
  • Yes, i’m still anxious about it all but OVERWHELMINGLY excited!

future plans

When we move into the home, there are few projects on the top of the priority list after we get ourselves initially situated. Then there are a few projects & plans that we will delay until a later date.

Top Priority:

  • Painting rooms: master, office, tv room, wallpaper in nursery?, “maker space”? (downstairs living room), bathroom?
  • Shed for Dad, perhaps a carport by their side of the house for additional protective parking.
  • Assess the garden situation and get our transferrable garden plants situated, including rain barrel system connected.

Later Date:

  • Garden expansion, taping trees, learning to can
  • Animals: Alpacas? Goats? Bees?
  • Extension: We dream of eventually adding on 3-4 bedrooms to the side of the house (two upstairs, two downstairs) to increase our ability to accommodate our growing family and guests.

Maternity photo shoot

Thank you Tatym Green for getting some sweet photos of us before Baby comes!

Feel free to enjoy the humor told through these photos.

If you can’t tell, I’m deeply in love with my husband and overwhelmingly excited about our baby!

There is a post about the progress of our pregnancy that I update regularly.