Visual Learner Rant

Friends! Here is a little silly rant for you:

I am a visual learner and love to organize history with imagery. As I’m attempting to review church history and the different reformations and heresies, I realized the lacking info-graphics.

I got this image here

I found this image depicting the family tree of Christian denominations with some time references. (Unfortunately, I don’t know who created the image. Comment the source and I’ll add a link)

This image is incomplete.

I want branches for heresies or branches out of communion with the Christian faith. I want a branch for thoughts that have died off i.e. Shakers.

Honestly, I want this interactive. Make it like Click on a part of the timeline and it expands to show you key figures, key thoughts, photos, etc. I would even consider adding a “peer-reviewed” section where others can log in and add things other scholars would review before adding to the graphic; much like the Wikipedia structure.

Headboard day 2

We put another afternoon into our headboard. We’ve continued to adapt our plans as we’ve seen progress.

We adjusted some of the cuts as the tight fit moved things around a little.

We realized we needed some supplies so we made a quick trip to Lowe’s for some Boiled Linseed Oil, sponges, and french cleats. As of right now, we’re considering using the french cleats as our mount to the wall.

We will let this try and then possibly add some pyrography of stars and a moon to the sky. First I’m going to do some test designs on a piece of scrap wood.

When the oil dries completely, we plan to add stains to sky and peaks. Then when that dries we will add the finishes.

As we assembled this project we realized the amount of weight was going to be more than we anticipated. We plan to add a brace to the back and use french cleats for mounting as they distribute the weight of an object evenly across a wall.

I am really excited to see the finished product and get it on our wall. Our current headboard is not comfortable for sitting up, leaning, & reading in bed.

One step closer!

Starting a Mountain Headboard

On a whim during lunch Josh and I decided to make a headboard. I have hated our current headboard since day one. It’s metal bars are not great for a lazy afternoon read and my pillows frequently slip through the bars. Yes, I realize #firstworldproblems.

So as we sat at Olive Garden for some delicious carbs, we plotted out our dream headboard.

Conveniently enough, Lowe’s is right next to Olive Garden. We left the restaurant, bellies full, and went shopping for wood!

Here is an example of our inspiration.

The plans became real as we walked out of Lowe’s with a truck bed of wood.

Got wood from Lowe’s
Prepping border (in retrospect, I regret staining this now….we later sanded the whole project, including the border)

Writer’s block and Speaker’s remorse

Sometimes, I can be extremely naive to my own mistakes. I can be clueless to the ways I may offend individuals, living blissfully in my ignorance.

As I reflect on each sermon or professional conversation, I look back and see when I’ve made insensitive or inappropriate errors in communicating.

One particular blunder has continued to chew in mind.

One Sunday, in a sermon, I casually compared my dog’s anxiety to that of a veteran’s PTSD…. Saying something to the line of “Much like a ‘nam flashback.'” FROM THE PULPIT no less.

FACE TO PALM! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Looking back, I’m so embarrassed. I strive to always be someone who speaks intentionally and in consideration of other. My judgement lapsed in the midst of making light of my dog.

I have loved ones who have been changed by war. I myself struggle with PTSD, not related to military service. Why did I think that would be ok?


It’s haunting the empty spaces in my mind. I lay in bed embarrassed. And I need to say I’m sorry.

I can’t move on to finish my sermon for tomorrow while this looms over my head.

I know better. I will do better.

Headboard remake

A friend (Abby Johnson) gave me a twin bed frame and headboard. I decided to breathe new life into it.

I sanded…. A lot…

Time to torch

Originally, we were going to add a stain on top of the burning. But we’re so happy with the burning that we decided to coat with acrylic and be done.

Finished product! Now to set up the frame and get a mattress & box spring.

Hard candy experiment

My friend Caele and I got together last night and attempted to make some candies. This was our first attempt ever at making hard candies. I think we did pretty good.

Recipe found on Pinterest