For the Children….? – a political rant with pictures

*Disclaimer* My words do not reflect the opinions of my congregation or denomination. They can speak for themselves.

Apparently, we need to ban drag queens from reading to children….

but not if it’s a at Churches or for charity like Relay for life or domestic abuse prevention. AND as long as the person is heterosexual whiler cross dressing, then it’s fine. (After all, it’s really a negative statement about how silly women are when heterosexual men dress like women).

Let’s protect kids from homosexuals because all homosexuals are pedophiles. (Even though the LGBTQIA+ community is 200% on consent and vehemently opposes pedophilia.) Yes, protect kids from the homosexuals but not from being child brides to creepy old men.

Also, we’ve got a labor shortage, we hear it everywhere. Don’t raise minimum wage. Don’t improve worker conditions (especially for railway workers).

We need laborers – kids can work. (also they don’t have the right to vote…. but they’re too young to know about no taxation without representation.)

Ban drag queens, it’s for the children!

Protect babies by banning abortions but also decrease assistance in SNAP from the mothers who are barely scraping by to survive.

ALSO let’s definitely not make either disposable diapers or cloth diapers available on WIC. Heaven forbid mothers could get help to diaper their babies.

While we’re at it, let’s judge mothers who can’t keep a job because they can’t afford child care.

Educate children…

Wait, teacher shortages? Let’s move to a 4 day school week to fight teacher shortages! Maybe we’ll have to revisit States mandatory school days

Mass shootings and school shootings continue to go unchecked (below is a screenshot of shootings as of the date I’m writing this sentence).

Violence and poor mental health can have correlations. Students ask for mental health resources. BUT Therapy is a luxury. We don’t need mental health coverage as part of our health insurance.

Don’t put restrictions on assault rifles in order to protect our kids. Let kids buy bulletproof inserts for their backpacks!

Or even better yet, How about we arm the teachers?

But let’s also restrict school funding to add other pressures on teachers.

We’ve got a teacher shortage soooooo… let’s get soldiers to serve as substitute teachers rather than paying teachers what they deserve, changing classroom sizes, remove standardized testing, and provide the budget necessary for supplies needed.


Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.



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