One True King!


Message Title: One True King!
Season: Ordinary
Main Text: John 18:33-37
Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 23:1-7;
RCL Scripture: 2 Samuel 23:1-7; Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14; Psalm 93; Psalm 132:1-12, (13-18); John 18:33-37; Revelation 1:4b-8
Focus: Jesus is the one True King!
To reject powers, authorities, companies that claim Jesus’ endorsement.
Other Notes:

SCRIPTURE READING: 2 Samuel 23:1-7 These are David’s last words: This is the declaration of Jesse’s son David, the declaration of a man raised high, a man anointed by the God of Jacob, a man favored by the strong one of Israel. 2The Lord’s spirit speaks through me; his word is on my tongue. 3Israel’s God has spoken, Israel’s rock said to me: “Whoever rules rightly over people, whoever rules in the fear of God, 4is like the light of sunrise on a morning with no clouds, like the bright gleam after the rain that brings grass from the ground.” 5Yes, my house is this way with God! He has made an eternal covenant with me, laid out and secure in every detail. Yes, he provides every one of my victories and brings my every desire to pass. 6But despicable people are like thorns, all of them good for nothing, because they can’t be carried by hand. 7No one can touch them, except with iron bar or the shaft of a spear. They must be burned up with fire right on the spot!


  1. Game- 
    1. Drawing Chain: 2 people 1 person draws on the other person’s back and the other person has to try to draw what they feel. 
    2. Pictionary
    3. “Password”—The password is…
  2. Answers
    1. King of the Mountain (game)


MAIN TEXT: John 18:33-37 33 Pilate went back into the palace. He summoned Jesus and asked, “Are you the king of the Jews?” 34 Jesus answered, “Do you say this on your own or have others spoken to you about me?” 35 Pilate responded, “I’m not a Jew, am I? Your nation and its chief priests handed you over to me. What have you done?” 36 Jesus replied, “My kingdom doesn’t originate from this world. If it did, my guards would fight so that I wouldn’t have been arrested by the Jewish leaders. My kingdom isn’t from here.” 37 “So you are a king?” Pilate said. Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. I was born and came into the world for this reason: to testify to the truth. Whoever accepts the truth listens to my voice.”

  1. My kingdom doesn’t originate from this world
  2. My guards
  3. My kingdom isn’t from here

The One True King—Discussions of the king & descriptions of the King

ACTIVITY- read 3 passages and look for descriptions of Jesus and his kingshimp

Daniel 7: 9-10 9As I was watching, thrones were raised up. The ancient one took his seat. His clothes were white like snow; his hair was like a lamb’s wool. His throne was made of flame; its wheels were blazing fire. 10A river of fire flowed out from his presence; thousands upon thousands served him; ten thousand times ten thousand stood ready to serve him! The court sat in session; the scrolls were opened.

  1. “ancient one” 
  2. Clothes “white like snow”
  3. Hair “lamb’s wool” 
  4. Flame throne

Isaiah 9:6-7 A child is born to us, a son is given to us, and authority will be on his shoulders. He will be named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. There will be vast authority and endless peace for David’s throne and for his kingdom, establishing and sustaining it with justice and righteousness now and forever.

Revelation 1: 12-14 12 I turned to see who was speaking to me, and when I turned, I saw seven oil lamps burning on top of seven gold stands. 13 In the middle of the lampstands I saw someone who looked like the Human One.[a] He wore a robe that stretched down to his feet, and he had a gold sash around his chest. 14 His head and hair were white as white wool—like snow—and his eyes were like a fiery flame. 15 His feet were like fine brass that has been purified in a furnace, and his voice sounded like rushing water. 16 He held seven stars in his right hand, and from his mouth came a sharp, two-edged sword. His appearance was like the sun shining with all its power.

Revelation 17:14  14 They will make war on the Lamb, but the Lamb will emerge victorious, for he is Lord of lords and King of kings. Those with him are called, chosen, and faithful.”

Revelation 19: 13-16 13 He wore a robe dyed[a] with blood, and his name was called the Word of God. 14 Heaven’s armies, wearing fine linen that was white and pure, were following him on white horses. 15 From his mouth comes a sharp sword that he will use to strike down the nations. He is the one who will rule them with an iron rod. And he is the one who will trample the winepress of the Almighty God’s passionate anger. 16 He has a name written on his robe and on his thigh: King of kings and Lord of lords.

  1. Artist depiction of Jesus from Rev 19


  1. Our God is capable of bringing about the restoration. 
  2. OUr God desires restoration.


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