Covid Christmas

Day 1 (Thursday- Christmas Eve): Josh and I drove to see my parents for Christmas, knowing that we would need to make extra precautions with COVID to stay safe.

Good news, we brainstormed the dream of a ramen shop. We got very practical and the weather was quite cooperative.

We surprised my best friend Alex. She cried!

Day 2 (Friday): Christmas morning we a ate delicious quiche and orange rolls. Them video chatted with my brothers & Lizy in MN.

We opened presents and loved the thoughtful gifts from my mom and dad…. Including a special ornament

We had delicious chicken enchiladas for supper and watched White Christmas and Klaus while relaxing and decorating “ugly sweater” cookies.

Day 3 (Saturday): grocery shopping at local asian markets. Poke bowls & sushi for lunch.

Not pictured is the delicious Jambalaya my dad made us for supper. 😋 My inner cajun was so happy.

Day 4 (Sunday): coffee with our friend Andrew to meet his girlfriend. Bagels 🥯. A relaxing afternoon and then nachos with my best friend and play some Jack Box games.

Day 5 (Monday): Josh and I went for a walk and played pokemon. I played The Survivalists on my switch. My mom and I made sugar cookies. Then we binged some Netflix and played more games while dreaming up plans.

Day 6: Tuesday
We bought items for ramen supplies that we couldn’t get easily in Indiana.

We were going to meet friends for lunch but they were sick so we didn’t get to see them this trip 😦 we still ate at the tasty place they suggested.

My dad made us “Gold miner stew” for supper 😋 I’m telling you my taste buds were happy.

Day 7: Wednesday
My mom and I had coffee with a friend Cheri.

Josh and I prepared hot-pot for my parents for lunch.

Then we said goodbye to my SD peeps with some very terrible ramen.

Day 8: Thursday – driving home! Left at 5:30 am CST (6:30am EST) and arrived 6:45pm EST. Josh drove the whole way!

Shout out to Brenda Sears for the Subway gift card. It felt like a healthy meal on the road.

Aaaaaand we were in bed by 8:30pm. We barely rang in the new year. Video games kept us awake.

Post-trip notes:

  • don’t be fooled. We spent much time napping, playing our switches, or watching movies with my mom. Mom introduced me to the Selena netflix show and we watched it all.
  • COVID was in the front of our mind with minimal adventures, social distancing, mask usage, and hand washing/sanitizer habitually.
  • I love visiting family but am so glad to be back in our home with our animals and our bed.

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