Visual Learner Rant

Friends! Here is a little silly rant for you:

I am a visual learner and love to organize history with imagery. As I’m attempting to review church history and the different reformations and heresies, I realized the lacking info-graphics.

I got this image here

I found this image depicting the family tree of Christian denominations with some time references. (Unfortunately, I don’t know who created the image. Comment the source and I’ll add a link)

This image is incomplete.

I want branches for heresies or branches out of communion with the Christian faith. I want a branch for thoughts that have died off i.e. Shakers.

Honestly, I want this interactive. Make it like Click on a part of the timeline and it expands to show you key figures, key thoughts, photos, etc. I would even consider adding a “peer-reviewed” section where others can log in and add things other scholars would review before adding to the graphic; much like the Wikipedia structure.

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